South Pasadena Bike Master Plan in the Works

The City of South Pasadena hosted an outreach event to receive feedback on City’s in-the-works Bike Master Plan last week.  Overall their latest draft is far better than the version that floated around in 2010, and staff appears serious about implementing it, thanks to the leadership of Councilmembers Scheider and Cacciotti.  I had a chance to speak with Dr. Schneider at the event, and learned that he’s a serious bike commuter, riding regularly from South Pasadena to his offices in Lynwood and Hollywood.

Anyhow, the main components of the plan include:

  • Class II Bike Lanes along Monterey Rd., Huntington Dr., and Fair Oaks (south of Monterey Rd)
  • Green Sharrow Lane through the Mission St. business district – akin to the ones on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, Long Beach (see a video of the LB lane here)
  • Class I Separated Bike Path along the Edison Easement (parallels Park Ave south of Mission and then cuts straight down to the Middle School, where it dead ends, before resuming again south of the school to Huntington Drive, and then continues through Alhambra to Vine St., offering the possibility of creating a continuous separated bike path to Alhambra Park)

At the moment the City is still soliciting feedback from the public.  In particular, staff would like to know which of the proposed road treatments the public would like to see the City invest in first.  A final version is tentatively scheduled to completed by August, at which point the public will have the opportunity to weigh in again when the item is presented to City Council in the Fall.

If you have any suggestions for specific road treatments or changes you would like to see to make the City more bike-friendly, we encourage you to share them with City staff as they finalize the “draft” plan.  For example, the current draft does not call for any changes to Fremont Ave., a regionally significant arterial.  Although parallel streets like Marengo already offer bike lanes, they are not well suited for regional travel (e.g. Marengo’s lanes, while pleasant to ride, dead-end into Garfield Park and are interrupted by countless stop signs).

Comments should be made by May 26th to cyclesouthpasadena [at] gmail [dot] com  or the City Clerk, Sally Kilby (skilby [at]


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