South Pasadena City Council to Consider Bike Lanes for Monterey Rd, Possible Anti-Harassment Ordinance

Agenda Item 22 (Monterey Road):  The South Pasadena City Council will be considering a number of options to make Monterey Rd. more bike and pedestrian friendly on Wednesday, September 7th.  The City will be addressing ADA-compliance issues (the sidewalks are two narrow and obstructed by utility poles) and also deciding what, if any, bike infrastructure should be included in the project. 

 The Bike Plan breaks Monterey into three sections: east of Fair Oaks to the City limit (staff recommends Class III Bike Route w/ sharrows); Fair Oaks to the intersection of Pasadena Ave/Monterey Rd. (options listed below); and west of this intersection (bike lanes).  For the more contentious middle segment, which includes the ADA improvement area, staff presents Council with the following options:

  • Option 1: Sidewalk flareouts around each obstruction (no change to travel lanes, loss of parking where installed)
  • Option 2: Narrow the roadway by 2.5 feet to widen sidewalk (loss of street parking but not travel lanes)
  • Option 2A: Bike Lanes and sidewalk widening via a road diet – 4 to 3 lanes (one center turning lane) – and loss of street parking on one side of the street
  • Option 3:  Obstruction relocation from sidewalk to property lines (no change in travel lanes, parking).
The City hosted a community meeting on the options, sending invitations to residents of the area.  The meeting was apparently very lightly attended but staff surveyed participants as to their preferences, with the following breakdown:
  • 1 for Option 1
  • 0 for Option 2
  • 4 voted for Option 2A
  • 2 for Option 3 

Although the small sample of residents surveyed supported Option 2A – the most bike and pedestrian friendly option – it is important for decision makers to hear from others who live, work, and ride on Monterey Rd. 

Agenda Item 24 (Staff direction regarding bicyclist anti-harassment policies): As you know, the City of Los Angeles recently passed landmark anti-harassment legislation to provide greater protections to cyclists.  Council will be discussing LA’s policy and whether to direct staff to research a possible ordinance for the City.   

What: South Pasadena City Council Meeting

When: Wednesday, September 7th, 7:30pm (agenda items 22, 24, likely to be heard much later)

Where: South Pasadena City Hall, 1414 Mission St., South Pasadena 91030

Emailed comments should be submitted to: 

Meeting agenda and staff reports can be viewed here


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