South Pasadena Unveils New Bike Plan to the Press, Members of the Public

At a relatively well-attended 1pm press conference on Tuesday, South Pasadena city staff and elected officials unveiled the City’s recently adopted bike plan. Due to rain earlier in the morning the planned installation of the plan’s first bike lanes along El Centro St. had to be postponed until later in the week when road conditions should be drier.

Outgoing Council Member David SiFuentes, who championed updated plan and helped shepherd its development over the past several years, highlighted how its passage was the first step towards realizing a cohesive network of bike infrastructure in the City that will allow residents of all ages to get around town without the use of a car.  Council Member SiFuentes also noted how the plan is the latest example of the Council’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of residents, following smoke-free policies that were recently adopted to address public exposure to tobacco smoke in public places and multi-unit residential housing.

Following comments from Council Member SiFuentes, a police spokeperson outlined the department’s efforts to educate local children, cyclists and members of the public about the rules of the road and safety laws, notably the state’s helmet law for minors. Local children who cannot afford a helmet will be able to pick one up free of charge. For more information please contact the South Pasadena Police Department at (626) 403-7270.

South Pasadena Mayor Mike Ten was also on hand to document the occasion and speak with members of the public.  In July the Mayor joined colleagues Michael Cacciotti, Dr. Richard Schneider, and Philip Putnam in unanimously adopting the plan, which took over two years to develop with the input of the public.

The event was covered by several local news sources, including Curbed LA, Pasadena Now, the Pasadena Sun, , and KCAL Channel 7 News.

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