Board of Supervisors Directs Staff to Consider “Innovative” Bike Infrastructure for LA County

At today’s regularly scheduled board meeting the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s directed staff to “amend the Draft Los Angeles County Bicycle Master Plan to include Cycle Tracks as well as other innovative bikeway road types…as allowed options” and facilitate early adoption of such road treatments.

The Motion (76b on the supplemental agenda; also below) was made by Supervisor Yaroslavsky and passed without comment during today’s meeting. Earlier in the month staff for Supervisor Yaroslavsky also published a recap of public support for a stronger plan – “Pushing for a Better, Bolder Bike Plan” – on the Supervisor’s website following the Regional Planning Commission meeting, where advocates spoke in support of a stronger plan on 11/16.

In passing, the cycling community’s efforts to improve the County’s Draft Bike Plan appear to have gained some traction. This initial success would not have been possible without the broad support of local, regional, and national organizations –  including the American Heart Association, Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, American Lung Association of California, Transit Coalition, Rail LA, Breathe LA, Flintridge Foundation, Day One, and Alhambrans Beyond Cars – that submitted letters in favor of the strengthening plan.

In the coming weeks bike advocates will be meeting with staff to discuss manners of strengthening the Plan before it returns to the Planning Commission on January 12th. Stay tuned for more information regarding the plan as it moves towards planned adopted in March 2012.

——————————–Motion 76b: Supervisor Yaroslavsky ————————

Recommendation as submitted by Supervisor Yaroslavsky: Instruct the Director of Public Works to immediately take the following actions regarding the draft plan for the Los Angeles County Bicycle
Master Plan:

1) Amend the Draft Los Angeles County Bicycle Master Plan to include Cycle Tracks as well as other innovative bikeway road types and cross sections within the Plan as allowed options, which may be implemented by the Department once they are approved by the State, and the Director determines that using such a design would promote the safety of all users of the street, including bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists;

2) Explicitly allow the use of these and other innovative designs once they become adopted California design standards;

3) Include provisions within the Plan that will facilitate Los Angeles County’s early adoption of these methods through participation in the State’s program to approve experimental projects, where the Director believes such participation would be cost effective and improve safety for members of the public;

4) Work with the Director of Regional Planning and the Director of Public Health to identify where the model street designs included in the Model Design Manual for Living Streets would be appropriate for inclusion in the General Plan Mobility Element, clearly referencing where these model street designs or other innovative features should be considered;

5) Take any actions necessary to update the Plan’s Program Environmental Impact Report so as to allow these changes to be incorporated into the final Plan before the March 2012 deadline for adoption;

6) Continue the Department’s collaboration with the bicycling community in preparation for the Regional Planning Commission’s consideration of the draft Plan in January 2012; and

7) Report back to the Board of Supervisors within 45 days regarding progress made toward completion of all of these objectives.


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